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Key features

   Displays strikes, thundery areas and thunderstorms updating every minute.

   Uses your post code to set your latitude / longitude or can be set manually so that data is customised to your location.

   Audible and/or visual alerts can be set for 'Local' and/or 'Severe' storm targets.

   Tracking can be set to Closest, Newest, Most Severe, Most recent strikes or Approaching storms, or the system will track a storm by its ID no.

   Clickable, interactive map to allow individual targets to be isolated and tracked easily.

   Auto-scale graph of strike type and quantity over time for each target.

   Precipitation overlay (courtesy ©Meteox).

   Plays a storm simulation in real-time based on real-time strike data.

   Stand-by mode for alerts and warnings

   Storm area navigation data - Post Code, Town and County of close populated area and full printable map & route planner from your location to storm coordinates.

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